WP Reactions 2022 Year in Review

2022-Year-in-Review WP Reactions

It was an exciting year for all of us at WP Reactions. Looking back we made so many excellent upgrades and full-filled feature requests by our users.  Some of these new features included 3 new layout templates, more social media options plus the emoji uploader add-on. That is just a few. 

Emoji Uploader

The highlight of the year, however, was the introduction of the emoji uploader add-on. This feature allows users to upload their own custom emojis to be used with WP Reactions layouts. Whether it’s a unique expression, a brand logo, or an animated Lottie emoji, the possibilities are endless.

By giving our users the ability to personalize their reactions with their own emojis, we have empowered them to further connect with their target audience and reflect their brand identity. It has been incredibly exciting to see the creativity and innovation that our users have brought to WP Reactions with this new feature. As we continue to strive for excellence in our product, we are committed to listening to our users’ needs and implementing their feedback. 

New Layouts with a Fresh Look

We strive to constantly engage our users and collect feedback to enhance their experience. This year, our designers have been dedicated to creating new layout templates that offer maximum flexibility. Two of the new layouts, Reactions Inline 1 and Reactions Inline 2, are fully adaptable and mobile-responsive. They can be easily stacked for optimal viewing on mobile devices. These layouts also incorporate social sharing buttons and pop-ups, providing users with a seamless sharing experience. With the addition of new sizing options, adjusting the slide and positioning of emojis has never been easier. The third layout, Bigly Reactions, offers a viral design that encompasses all the core features of our plugin. Like the other layouts, Bigly is also stackable for mobile devices. If you want to see these layouts in action, you can explore the demos on our website.

Inline Reactions 1

Inline Reactions 2

Bigly Reactions

Updated User Interface and Options

we have enhanced the sizing, padding, and margin options in WP Reactions to provide users with more control over their reactions. The ability to upload custom outside images prompted the need for these increased capabilities, and we are pleased to have fulfilled this necessity. In addition to these improvements, we have also redesigned the user interface to allow for sliding adjustments with a real-time preview. This revamped interface ensures a smoother and more intuitive experience for our users.

We are always excited to introduce new features and layouts to our users, enhancing their ability to engage with their audience and create unique reactions. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and improvements from WP Reactions!


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