Emoji Reactions

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What this plugin does

Improves user engagement and social sharing. Keep users on your pages and posts for longer. Collects data on how your users really feel.

Emoji Reactions
200 World famous JoyPixels Lottie Animated and Static SVG Emoji Reactions to choose from.
Social Sharing
Powerful social media features with more platforms, new layouts, button design, and triggered pop-ups.
Collect user reaction data on posts to gauge how your audience is reacting to your content and sharing..

Fire up your Blog with Emoji Reactions

Engage your audience and create excitement around your content.

Deploy reactions on blog posts, pages, woo commerce products and start engaging your users like never before!

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Lottie Animated Emojis

JoyPixels Animated Emojis Version 3.5. The Worlds most popular emojis.

  • Licensed Emojis
  • 200 Lottie Animated Emojis
  • 200 SVG Static Emojis

Reaction Shortcode

Deploy your Reactions on all posts and page with One-Click Activation.

  • 12 Social Media Platforms.
  • Realtime Analytics.
  • Deploy emoji reaction in seconds.
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Drag and Drop
  • Developer Tools

Realtime Analytics

Track how your users feel about your content and collect key data.

  • Overall Site Statistics
  • Collect Reaction Data
  • Track Social Sharing clicks per platform
  • Sort by Date

Powerful Social Sharing Features

A better way for your audience to share your content

Tons of Options

  • JoyPixels Animated emojis 3.5
  • Live analytics
  • Social Sharing
  • Licensed emoji reactions
  • 12 Social Platforms
  • Reaction Button
  • Global Activation for Bloggers
  • Reaction Shortcode
  • Developer Tools
  • Custom Post Types
  • One-Click Activation
  • On-page Options
  • Easy Admin Dashboard
  • Woo Commerce Integration
  • 200 Lottie Animated Emojis
  • 200 SVG Static Emojis
  • Regular updates
  • Drag and Drop
  • Social Pop ups and Buttons
  • Shortcode Editor
  • Tons of Design features

Start Increasing User Engagement

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