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Our Features Stack

With core features such as official licensed Lottie animated emojis combined with the top desktop and mobile sharing platforms, WP Reactions creates instant user engagement.

  • With all of the options, you will be able to do more with your emojis than you could ever imagine. Create unique and one of a kind reactions and watch your user sessions improve considerably before your eyes with your on-page statistics.

Global Activation

Enable your emoji reactions site-wide with one-click activation. Our user-friendly step wizard give you full control so you can customize and create.

Shortcode Generator

Loaded with features for style and engagement. Easily create and paste your wp reactions shortcode anywhere you want to get a reaction.

Emoji Picker

Choose from 100 Premium Lottie Animated Emoji Reactions and Static SVG's. These fast loading reactions will deliver the user experience that your users deserve.

Social Sharing

Desktop and mobile sharing integration with the top platforms. Social button reveal and awesome social pop-ups.

Lottie Animation

The best quality animation allows you to place your reactions on any background and the quality is never compromised.

SVG Static Emojis

The very best quality available provides fast loading and crisp clear static emojis.

Shortcode Generator

Make shortcode in seconds!

Choose from 100 Lottie Animated and SVG Static emojis to create your reactions. Classic Reactions lets you pick from 1 to 6 emojis to create endless combinations. Social buttons are hidden and revealed and the styling options let you design exactly how you choose.

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Global Activation

Deploy your emojis with one-click activation!

Whether you have 10 pages or 10,000 pages we have you covered with one-click activation. You can turn on and your reactions will be strategically placed with our factory setting. Once you are activated you can customize.

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Here is a list of some of our features

Social Sharing

Desktop and Mobile Sharing











User-friendly admin panel for all skill levels.

  • Shortcode Generator

  • Emoji Picker Global Activation Step 1

  • Reactions Global Activation Step 2

  • Reactions Global Activation Step 4

  • Reactions Global Activation Step 5

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