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Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes
Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes
Grinning Squinting Face
Face With Tears of Joy
Rolling On The Floor Laughing
Smiling Face
Smiling Face with Halo
Upside-down Face
Winking Face
Relieved Face
Smiling Face with Heart Eyes
Smiling Face with Hearts
Face Blowing a Kiss
Winking Face with Tongue
Zany Face
Face With Monocle
Nerd Face
Smiling Face with Sunglasses
Partying Face
Smirking Face
Unamused Face
Frowning Face
Weary Face
Pleading Face
Crying Face
Loudly Crying Face
Face With Steam From Nose
Pouting Face
Face With Symbols On Mouth
Exploding Head
Flushed Face
Hot Face
Cold Face
Face Screaming in Fear
Hugging Face
Thinking Face
Yawning Face
Shushing Face
Lying Face
Face With Rolling Eyes
Hushed Face
Sleeping Face
Drooling Face
Dizzy Face
Zipper Mouth Face
Woozy Face
Face Vomiting
Sneezing Face
Face with thermometer
JoyPixels Animated Emojis 3.0

The very best licensed emojis available. Choose from 200 Lottie Animated Licensed Emoji Reactions and 200 Static SVG’s.

Social Sharing

Turn on Social Sharing to further engage your audience after they give their reaction. Pop ups and Social reveal options.

Global Activation

Activate your Reactions on your posts and pages with one-click activation. Now with custom post types that adapts to your theme.

WooCommerce Integration

Easy integration. No API required. Choose up to 5 standard WooCommerce ‘Hook’ locations.

Shortcode Generator

Make shortcode in seconds. With tons of options, you can place your Reactions or Like Button anywhere you want to get a reaction. Your audience will instantly engage with your reactions.

Tons of Options

Make endless emoji and social sharing options.

Collect User Reactions

Understand how your users feel about your content and products

Background Styling

Full control over the background that your emojis sit on top of.

Shortcode Editor

Manage all of your shortcodes in one central area.

Set your own Counts

Set your own users counts to any number desired

Social Options

enable social sharing to increase sharing on your pages and posts. Awesome pop-ups and social button reveals keeps users engaged.

Animated or Static

Choose from lightning fast Lottie Animation or Static SVG images

Badge Design

Turn on and off overhead badges and customize with the color picker.

Custom Post types

This feature will allow you to enable your reactions on your themes custom post pages or your own.

Emoji Picker

Choose from 200 emoji reactions. Unlimited combinations by using 1 to 6 emojis in a row.

One Click Activation

No matter how many pages or posts you have simply click and they are deployed.

Email and Gmail

Email sharing integration for sharing allows you to share privately.

On page options

When using Global Activation, you can turn pages on and off manually.

We are always updating and improving. To see all of our options and features, try WP Reactions LIVE! click here for our live demo.

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