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What’s your Reaction?
Core Features & Options

Fully customizable layouts for your Blog Posts, Pages, Product Pages and More! Here are some of the features that make WP Reactions the Best Emoji Reaction Plugin for WordPress.

Pre-Built Layouts

Mobile Ready layouts ready to use. Just choose your emoji reactions and you are all set. Or, use our default designs. Easily mix and match and customize your layout.

Emoji Picker

Choose from a library of 200 Lottie Animated Emoji Reactions and SVG’s. Fully Licensed JoyPixels Version 3.5 are the best emojis available.

Analytics Dashboard

Collect feedback each time a user clicks a reaction to show their feedback, vote or reaction to your posts. Sort data by user to understand your audience.

Emoji Uploader

The emoji uploader add-on allows you to upload your own files in several formats including; JSON, SVG, GIF and PNG files right to your layouts.

Social Sharing

Built in Social Sharing Buttons and Pop-ups easily integrate with your Emoji Reaction layouts. Choose from the top Social Media platforms.

Global Activation

Activate your Emoji Reactions sitewide with one click activation. Fully customizable step wizard gives you unlimited options for customization.

Shortcode Generator

Make Shortcode fast and paste your Reactions anywhere. Fully customize your reactions, bind to posts, pages, custom post types and more.

Shortcode Editor

The Shortcode Editor allows you to easily manage all of you Shortcodes in one location. Easily find your reaction layouts to edit, clone and preview.

Design Tools

Customize every aspect of your layout including emoji sizes, animation and all options with our easy to use color pickers and dropdown tools.

Custom Post Types

Ready to use with your theme and custom post types. WP Reactions will recognize your post types and adapt our features and options automatically.

On Page Options

On page options gives you control of your emoji reactions at the page and post level with an easy to use meta panel where you can adjust user counts and more.

Adjustable Counters

Set your user counts and social shares to any number you desire to show your new users the past engagement on your posts without interfering with analytics. 

Woo Integration

Engage users at the product level and collect user feedback on how your products are rated with 5 web hook locations.

Random Counts

Easily assign a range of user counts to all past and future posts, pages and custom post types right from your dashboard.

Mobile Responsive

Each layout is fully responsive on all your devices with touch screen user engagement  with your reactions and social sharing.

WP Reactions is the Best Emoji Reactions Plugin. Here's Why.

Just a few reasons why our users ❤️ engaging their users with WP Reactions.


Mobile Ready, Pre-Built Layouts ready to Customize

Choose from 5 powerful layouts to load your reactions into.

JoyPixels 3.5 Animated Emoji Library with 200 Lottie & SVG Emojis Reactions

Emoji Uploader Add-On supports JSON, SVG, GIF & PNG file. Now Available.


Get Insights & Analytics on your Users Emotions

Collect user feedback, polling data and much more each time a user engages with Reactions.

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