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Looking for our latest release of WP Reactions Lite? It is now available in the WordPress Directory for download.

Looking to increase user engagement throughout your website with emoji reactions? The new release of WP Reactions Lite is perfect for just that! This lightweight plugin currently has 14 Lottie animated Emoji Reactions that collects user data and has social sharing capability. Plus the layout can be completely customized.

WP Reactions Lite is a fantastic plugin for both user engagement and social sharing. It has optional social sharing built in, in the form of buttons that are revealed after users click on your emojis. Simply click on the emojis and you will reveal the social sharing buttons. It gives users a reason to share your content and it’s cool engage with.

If we could all keep our audience engaged on our pages and posts for a little longer, that would be great. WP Reactions Lite keeps users engaged for up to 6 seconds longer while collecting their feedback. Each post has a meta panel to check your likes and dislikes so you know what your audience really thinks. This will help improve and monetize your content.

WP Reactions Lite has tons of options to customize your layout and our Awesome Reaction Emojis are loved by over 10,000 users and counting.

Features Built for User Engagement

Our plugin will keep your audience engaged on pages and posts for longer. Increases User Engagement, Social Sharing, Collects User Data and increases on page sessions resulting in better SEO.

One click activation deploys your emoji reactions site wide. You decide what pages and posts you want them on by choosing your options in our easy admin panel.

USE Reactions for Voting, Feedback, Social Plugin, Collecting user emotional data and more. Increases on page user sessions 15 seconds resulting in improved SEO. You get 14 SVG and 14 Lottie Animated Emojis All the tools you need to create real-time user engagement with your audience.

Our features are designed for real-time user engagement and social sharing.

  • 14 Lottie Animated Lightning Fast, Limited Edition Ver 2.0 Emojis
  • 14 Lightning fast SVG files, Limited Edition Ver 2.0 Emojis
  • Emoji picker lets you choose your favorite emoji lineup
  • Drag and Drop to arrange your emoji reactions
  • Flying animated user counts when your audience clicks to vote
  • Personalize and customize your social sharing buttons
  • Collect user analytics to understand your audience’s emotions
  • Live counters register user expressions and reactions
  • Overhead badges with custom color and styling options
  • Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Email social sharing
  • Customize with our design step wizard
  • Set fake counts to your desired number
  • On-page options to position your reactions perfectly
  • One click-activation deploys your emojis site wide
  • Get more with WP Reactions Pro

When it comes to creating user engagement with emojis, we are #1. Give WP Reactions Lite a try today. It is so user friendly that you will have fun even setting it up. You can find us in the WordPress Directory. Download today and start engaging your audience!

Activate your emojis in just a few steps

After you choose your emojis, you will arrive at Step 1.

Step 1 / Setup: In this step you can arrange your emoji reactions with drag and drop feature in the order you like. Here you can customize your emoji’s and where you want them placed.

Step 2 / Styling: Here you will be able to style your layout with our dropdown color pickers and easy to use presets. When finished, click next to set up your social sharing feature.

Step 3 / Social Share: In this step you can decide if you want to turn on social sharing and customize your share buttons. When turned on you can give users the chance to share your posts after engaging with your reactions. 

Step 4 / Review & Save: This is the final step. Here you can save and your setting will be displayed on the front end. At this point you can always go back and make changes and each time you save, your changes will be live on your posts in real-time. The preview box allows for you to view your work as you go so you don’t have to toggle between front and back end.

Why you should use WP Reactions?

With people pressed for time it’s hard enough to get users to comment on your posts these days. With emoji reactions, you can get their feedback in one click. It’s fun for the user and gives you the data you need to know if they liked your post or not.

Although our lite version is limited our Pro version on the other hand takes analytics and insights to the next level by tracking user clicks by user. But either way, with WP Reactions Lite or Pro, you are definitely increasing user engagement and creating excitement around you content, media and more.

Plus! We are WP Beginner Verified.

And, our Users 😍 WP Reactions Lite! See what some are saying:

Why Go PRO?

WP Reactions PRO is extremely powerful and lightweight. It boasts 200 emoji reactions in Lottie and SVG formats. Fully licensed JoyPixels world recognized emoji reactions. Other features include:

  • Shortcode Generator
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Emoji Uploader Add-on
  • Custom Post Types
  • 5 Pre-Built Layouts
  • All of the popular Social Platforms
  • Counter
  • Track user Feedback
  • Plus Much More!

Take WP Reactions for demo.

We hope this article was helpful in choosing the right emoji reaction plugin for your WordPress Site. We offer excellent support for both our Lite and Pro versions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and tell us how you feel about this article.

Emoji Reactions for WordPress

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