Custom Reactions with the Emoji Uploader Add-on

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Today we released our Emoji Uploader add-on for WP Reactions. This was the most requested feature that our customers requested over the past year so we made it happen and it is very cool.

How do I get the Uploader?

If you are an existing customer you can easily upgrade and get the emoji uploader add-on by visiting your dashboard and clicking the upgrade button. New users can get the add-on as part of the Plus, Agency and Pro packages.

Once you have the add-on installed, you will be able to use your own emoji reactions in all of our layouts.

How does it Work?

Once you have successfully installed the Emoji Uploader Add-on, you will have the ability to upload your own media files to the main plugin. In order to do so, you will find the add-on when you are in the emoji picker choosing your reaction. As you see below there is an additional Tab that will become active at the top of the picker. 

Click on the Tab labeled Emoji Uploader and a dropdown will appear with a list of acceptable file types you are allowed to upload. Choose the type you would like and click the upload button on the right side.

After the upload button is clicked, you will get a pop up that let’s you drag and drop your files or you can browse your computer.

Once your files are uploaded, you can drag and drop in the order you wish and start to customize your layout. 

What file types can I use?

The emoji uploader let’s you upload the  following file types:

  • JSON
  • SVG
  • PNG
  • GIF

It also let’s you combine JSON/SVG and GIF/PNG so you can use both static and animated emojis.  

Emoji Reaction Resources

If you are looking for some great sites where you can access some free emojis, we recommend:

TOP 5 Sites to find free emoji’s

  1. Lottie Files
  2. JoyPixels
  3. OpenMoji
  4. Icon Scout

We hope this article helped you learn more on how to upload emoji reactions to your layouts. This article on How to Engage your Audience.

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