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WordPress is by far the most popular platform for website creation, powering over 43% of the sites on the Internet and generating over 700 new sites every day. There’s a reason for the constantly increasing popularity of this mega-giant platform. Unlike some of its competitors, WordPress makes site creation and maintenance easy, even for those who don’t know the first thing about coding.

One of the platform’s best features is its proliferation of plugins. These plugins can be added to WordPress sites to extend their functionality, add new features, and create a more user-friendly, engaging experience.

Want to offer visitors an easy way to interact with blog content, photos, and more? Read on to find out about WP Reactions, the platform’s leading animated emojis plugin.

Why Add Emoji Reactions?

Adding emoji reactions to a WordPress site is a great way to increase user engagement. In fact, research has shown that it could increase on-page engagement by over 15 seconds. This makes websites look better to the search engine algorithms, boosting everything from search engine rankings to social media sharing, brand recognition, and site popularity.

Why choose WP Reactions?

Adding emoji reactions may not be the only way to increase user engagement, but it’s certainly one of the simplest and most affordable ones. Think of social media monoliths like Facebook. Part of these sites’ success comes from inviting users to interact with each other’s posts in easy, straightforward ways.

The vast majority of today’s consumers are already enamored with emoji reactions. They use them in texts, in responses to Facebook posts, and elsewhere to add a little personality and flair to their messages. That familiarity allows WordPress site owners who incorporate  emoji reactions able to harness the power of this existing Internet trend, which is here to stay.

Great Features and Tons of Options

Lottie & SVG Assets. The company’s Perpetual License with JoyPixels gives users access to 200 Premium Licensed Animated Emojis. Animated emojis offer an extra level of fun. They’ll allow site owners to take their user engagement to the next level without spending a fortune. 

User-Friendly Admin Panel

WP Reactions is designed for all WordPress users, with all levels of skill. The admin panel requires no knowledge of coding, and emojis can be deployed site-wide with just one click. That’s true whether a website has one page or a thousand pages.


Shortcode Generator

WordPress users can also create shortcode for their emojis using the shortcode generator. This allows them to place emoji panels anywhere on their sites that could use a boost to user engagement. The shortcode offers all the same core features for creating reactions and can be copied and pasted anywhere within the site. 


Pre-Built Reaction Template Layouts

Along with emojis, web designers will also get access all of our layouts including the Reaction Button. The Reaction Button offers a more minimal approach to engaging your users, powerful, nonetheless. All layouts share the core features and options with the option to activate social sharing pop ups and buttons after engaging with reactions.


Built in Social Sharing

Easily activate social media sharing and your reactions will show social share buttons after they click on a reaction. These buttons are fully customizable and can be hidden until click revealing them for more engagement or you can show them all the time. Either way they are powerful and engaging. The Social Pop-up overlay occurs when using the reaction button enticing users to share your page.

WooCommerce Emoji Reactions

Use reactions on your WooCommerce product pages to get instant feedback to start learning what your customers really think. With 5 hook locations you can place your reactions in different spots.

Global Activation

This feature is a favorite to WP Reactions users. It allows for you to activate your emojis on a sitewide level with one click activation. This feature gives you full control over every post, page, product page and all custom post types in one dashboard. Whether you have 10 posts or 1 million posts, wp reactions will deploy reactions to all past, present and future posts with random counts to compensate for old visitors.  


Each time a user clicks on an emoji reaction it is registered and tracked by that user. Data and Insights are sortable by user and reaction type. WP Reactions also tracks social shares when it is enabled. All data is used to get a better understanding of how your audience feels about your content, media and products. Once you see how your users are reacting, you can easily make adjustments based on their feedback to better monetize.


WP Reactions collects feedback from your audience to help better monetize your content, media and products. Users are more likely to engage with your reactions that to write a comment in your blog. Reactions deliver a more modern and fun way to engage while collecting all the feedback you need to understand your users better.
We hope this article has helped you learn more about WP Reactions WordPress plugin. If you should have any questions or would like to demo our product, please click here.

Emoji Reactions for WordPress

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