Getting to know WP Reactions

Easy setup and installation for all users. WP Reactions can be deployed on all pages and posts with one-click activation. Tons of options available for customizing emojis, layouts, and social media options.

Fast and Easy Setup

Install WP Reactions on the plugins section of your WordPress site.

One-Click Activation puts your emojis on your Blog or Start making Shortcode.

Choose a Layout and customize your emoji reactions on your pages and posts.

Customize your Reactions Layouts with World Famous JoyPixels Lottie Animated and SVG Emoji Reactions.

Choose from 200 emoji reactions in our emoji picker. Drag and drop your emojis, name them, and easily preset your user counts.

We offer 5 layouts for your audience to engage with. In the demo panel below you can toggle between layouts to get a feel for how Reactions can look on your website and blog.

Jimbo Reactions

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Jane Reactions

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Mini Reactions

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Reaction Button

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View additional emoji combinations

Our social sharing options are very cool and are designed to increase social sharing. 

Our social media tools are extremely powerful and make sharing fun again. Track your social shares in your analytics panel.


Collect data on your users on how they feel about your content.

Social sharing and emoji reaction clicks will give you critical data on how your users are engaging with that post.


Now you can activate WP Reaction on your WooCommerce product pages.

Get fast reactions directly on your Woo Commerce product pages. Up to 5 hook locations available. 

What does the WP Reactions WordPress plugin do? 

WP Reactions is designed to keep users on your pages for longer telling you how they feel about your content by clicking on the reaction that applies to how they are feeling.

What are some of the benefits?

  1. While your users will be fascinated with your emojis for at least 10 seconds, they will be increasing their stick time on your page. This will help with SEO with the Google algorithm.
  2. You will collect truth data on how your users feel after reacting or voting on your content. This data will help you improve.
  3. Social sharing will increase as a result of our designs and layouts that encourage your users.
  4. Licensed JoyPixels brings a level of credibility to your blog and users love expressing themselves with emoji reactions.

Create excitement around your content

Collect honest data on how your users feel about your content with emoji reactions for WordPress.