My Reactions Emoji Uploader Add-On

Upload your own custom emoji reaction assets in JSON, GIF, PNG and SVG formats. Available in Plus, Pro and Agency plans. 

Emoji Uploader Features

A Powerful Add-On for you to customize and upload your own emoji reactions

Drag and Drop

Easily upload your files one at a time or in bulk by dragging and dropping from your computer.

Lottie Animation

Use your own custom JSON files and start engaging your audience with them.

Custom Emojis

Use your own assets & animations to customize your layouts and personalize your emoji reactions.

Pairing File Types

Pair SVG and JSON files to combine static and animation options. Do the same with PNG & GIFs.

Preview Live

Preview your work while you create your layouts and make changes to them.

Upload GIFs

Upload animated GIF files to your layout and create unlimited styles to collect feedback with.

These are just some of the many options that are available while uploading your own reactions. To explore all of our options take a quick demo.

Start engaging your audience today!