JoyPixels Animated 3.5

Yes! We partnered with JoyPixels to bring you the most famous and licensed emojis available. Your audience will love engaging with them.

JoyPixels 3.5 Options

Powerful options for you to customize your emoji reactions.

Lottie Animation

Perfect animated emoji reactions in Lottie animation delivers the best user experience.

JSON Files

Control your emoji animation by turning it on or off to show static emojis. 

Fully Licensed

Our emojis are fully licensed enabling you to have the legal right to be using them on your site.

Unicode Compliant

JoyPixels emojis are Unicode compliant meeting the world standard for emojis. 

SVG Static Assets

Perfect SVG static emoji reactions. Choose from 200 JoyPixels available in your emoji picker.

Random Counts

Set a range of user fake counts to be added to all existing and future pages and posts.

Emoji Picker

Your JoyPixels 3.5 Emoji Reaction Assets are housed in the emoji picker feature. Here is where you can select the emojis for your layouts and drag and drop them in order and customize them.

The Emoji Picker library holds 200 Lottie Animated emoji reactions and 200 SVG Static emojis for you to select from.

Start engaging your audience today!

Create Endless Emoji Reaction Combinations for Your Polls, User Feedback, Voting, and More…