Global Activation

Deploy your emoji reactions to all of your posts with one-click activation. Easily customize your layouts with unlimited styling options.

Global Activations Options

Powerful options for you to customize your Global Activation layouts.

One Click Activation

Activate your reactions on your posts with single click and our default settings will be used.


Control your emoji animation by turning it on or off to show static emojis. 

Social Buttons

Create unlimited styles of social buttons and pop-ups for your audience to share your content with.


Make shortcode with all of WP Reactions layouts and easily customize all aspects.

Call to Actions

Add your text above your layouts and in your buttons to engage users and instruct them.

On Page Options

Manage your reactions while editing each page. Setup fake counts and more.

Social Sharing

Turn on and customize all of the popular social platforms for your audience to share with.


Each emoji reaction will collect data and store clicks and shares in your Analytics dashboard.

Preview Live

Preview your work while you create your layouts and make changes to them.

Random Counts

Set a range of user fake counts to be added to all existing and future pages and posts.

Flying Animation

Flying animation effects after a user clicks on an emoji gives the best user experience.

Emoji Picker

Choose from 200 Lottie animated JoyPixels 3.5 emoji reactions or upload your own.

These are just some of the many options that are available when activating your layout using the Global activation feature. To explore all Global Activation options, take a quick demo.

Start engaging your audience today!