Global Activation Step 3 Social Media

Setting up your Social Sharing for WP Reactions Lite

Step in the Wizard consists of setting up your social media buttons and styling them to your liking.

1. Social Share Buttons

When social sharing is enabled, choose between 1 – 3 social platforms to let your audience share your content on. Use Facebook, Twitter and Email sharing to increase shares.

This option becomes disabled if you choose to hide and disable social buttons.  To add more social options upgrade to Pro.

2. Button Behavior Option

Choose Button Reveal to have your buttons hidden until your user clicks on and emoji to react or vote. Once the emoji is clicked on the buttons will reveal themselves and your user will be surprised and will most likely share.

Show Button Always will keep your social sharing buttons available at all times. This is a great look for your audience to engage with.

Enable or Disable your Reactions. This is most commonly done when our users have other social media sharing plugins in place already. In this case, simply disable social sharing and your buttons will not show and your audience will just see the emojis. If this option is chosen, go to the next step.

3. Button Design

Style your buttons with border radius and create perfectly modern shapes for your buttons.

Choose Solid or Border Buttons with standard social media colors. To further style your buttons upgrade to Pro and match your website theme colors or any color to design your social buttons.

Upgrade to WP Reactions Pro

Save 40% and upgrade tp WP Reactions Pro to unlock tons of features for engaging your audience and increasing social sharing.