Global Activation Step 1 Setup

Step 1 options for setting up your reactions

When setting up your reactions be sure to preview you work as you go by hovering over the floating preview icon to the right. Tou will be able to see you changes live.

1. Drag and Drop the Order of your Reactions

Change the order of your reactions by simply grabbing with your mouse and dragging and dropping into place.

2. Emoji Animation

Our Limited Edition Emoji Animations are the highest quality Lottie and Static SVG’s. Put on any background.

3. Emoji Sizes

We offer 4 sizes. All sizes are mobile responsive. For more sizing options, please upgrade to Pro.

Upgrade to WP Reactions Pro

Save 40% and get tons of features for creating user engagement and increasing social sharing.

4. Badges

Styling your badges is easy with our color picker. Simply click and drag to get the perfect colors or paste your color code rigtht in and get the exact result you are looking for. To hide badges please upgrade to Pro.

5. On-page Placement Options

Insert on pages and posts or both. By default your emojis get deployed on both pages and posts.

Manual Mode allows for you to enable your emoji reactions at the pasge or post level. When this option is chosen Reactions are enable but but need to be turned while editing your pages and posts. The reason for this option is to allow you to bring your emojis on page by page on a manual basis.

Display Options allow you to decide where on your emojis will sit on the pages. You can choose top which is above your content or below. You can choose both too.

Alignment options let you line up your Reactions with your content on each side of the page or right in th middle.