Activate your Emoji Reactions

WP Reactions Lite one-click activation

To turn on your reactions on pages and posts simply turn the toggle on. After you are activated click the customize now button for more options.

1. Activate Classic Reactions

When turning on the toggle, you will automatically deploy your reactions throughout your site on pages and posts. To be more specific, your reactions will be deployed at the bottom of every page and post in the center after your content. Here is an example of what this what our factory setting will look like.

2. Customize your Emoji Reactions

Once you have turned on the toggle, you can proceed to customize your reactions. You will be taken to our step wizard where you can easily design and customize your reactions.

While customizing you reactions you will find very quickly that you have complete control over every aspect of them including where and how you would like to display them.

Upgrade to WP Reactions Pro

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