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WooCommerce Hooks

Setting up your Web Hooks

Once you have selected to activate your web hooks on your product pages you can decide where to place your emojis reactions. There are 5 standard locations for Woo Commerce as shown below.

1. Activate

Check to activate your emoji reactions on product pages.

2.Choose your Web Hook

You can choose one of the 5 locations. They are standard locations for all WooCommerce stores.

How do I set up my Emojis for my WebHooks?

When setting up your WebHooks, you first must create your Reactions Shortcode. Once you make your shortcode it will appear in the dropdown as shown here. For more information on making and editing shortcode, click here.

3. Custom WebHooks

For advanced users, you can place your emoji Reactions in custom locations. To learn more about Woo Webhooks, click here.

4. Enter WebHook Name

If you have a Custom WebHook, you can enter it here.