Shortcode Editor

WP Reactions Shortcode Editor Overview

Feel the power of the shortcode editor. This feature allows for you to manage all of your shortcodes in one location. Now you can edit, preview, clone and more inside the editor and make changes to your reactions without having to access the pages that they are on.

1. Add New

The Add New button let's you start making new shortcode for the editor. It is a direct link to the Shortcode landing page and starting a new shortcode from scratch.

2. Search Bar

The search feature will search only for your shortcode. This is extremely helpful when quickly trying to locate the shortcode you are looking for. We also implemented a naming option that makes this feature work even better.

3. Unique ID

Your ID is the unique shortcode number that is assigned automatically in sequential order for better orgainzation of your shortcode.

4. Naming your Shortcode

You will find this option available right before you click on the generate shortcode button. It is optional, but recommended when making a lot of Shortcode. You will find that making shortcode get's addictive and you will want to be organized. Don't worry. If you are n a rush and forget to name it you can always go back later and do it.

5. View your Reactions

Simply hover over the eye icon to preview how your reactions are doing. You will be able to view live user counts and preview.

6. Copy Shortcode

In case you would like to use this same shoprtcode in other locations, simply copy and paste anywhere. Keep in mind when using the same shortcode, your user reaction counts will accumulate collectively from both locations. This is done mostly when disabling badges in which case the emojis are not collecting data.

7. Edit your Reactions

Click on this icon to edit your Emoji Reactions. You will be directed to the Emoji Picker page where you will have the option to choose different emojis. If you are keeping the same ones and just want to make some adjustments to your shortcode, just skip this option and proceed to the Shortcode Generator and make your changes.

7. Clone Feature

Clone an existing shortcode and it will become it's own unique ID. It will follow the last id generated and you can edit it from that point.

7. Delete

Deleting your shortcode will remove it from the page and you will not be able to recover it after it is deleted.

Need to Demo this Feature?

Try this feature live now by accessing our demo site.