Emoji Background Border Options

Background Borders and Styling

This feature allows for you to control the background shape and design behind your emojis. Use it in conjunction with the background styling option to create the perfect background.

Whether you are making Shortcode or using Global Activation, this option is available for Classic Reactions and the Reaction Button.

1. Border Radius

Shape the background that your emojis sit on. By using the border radius dropdown you will be able to go from rounded edges to square in seconds. Be sure to preview while you work for the best result.

2. Border Width

Border thickness allows for you to style your border even further. Combine this option with the others to make some cool backgrounds.

3. Border Color

Use our color picker to choose your color or paste your color code.

4. Border Style

Try different styles on your background border. By combining these options with Background Styling options you will be able to create some very cool designs.

5. Preview your borders as you create

When using this option it is a good idea to preview your work live as you create. Simply hover over the floating preview icon and you see your work live. You can also engage with your emojis in this window by clicking on them.

Try this Feature Live

Our demo is available for you to test and see how this feature works live.