Shortcode Generator

    About WP Reactions Shortcode Generator

    We designed our Shortcode Generator to be 100% beginner-friendly while packing it with powerful features for user-engagement for everyone.

    When making Shortcode you will see the many ways that your emoji reactions can be used throughout your website. Some of the most popular ways are placing either Classic Reactions and/or the Reaction Button within your content to build engagement and excitement. Other uses are for voting on images and videos and purely for social engagement.

    One thing is for sure and that is anywhere you put your Emoji Reactions, they will stir up interaction and create user engagement on your pages and posts resulting in improved SEO and social sharing and more.

    Getting Started Generating Shortcode

    Emoji Picker Page

    Mix and Match emojis to get the perfect combination. Choose from 100 Animated or Static Emojis. To view, the animation simply hovers over the emoji and it will start playing. Click to choose up to 6 emojis that you would like to use in this set. When you have finished with your selection you can arrange on the bottom by dragging and dropping the order that you wish.

    Start Generating Shortcode

    After you choose your favorite emoji combination you are ready to start generating shortcode. Simply scroll down the page to choose your options. If you leave any options out our factory settings will be used. It is impossible to make a mistake while making your shortcode.

    When you get to the bottom of the Shortcode Generator you will have the option to name your shortcode for easy access at a later time. Ince your shortcode is saved it can be found in the Shortcode Editor under my Shortcodes on your slideout menu.