Social Popup Overlay Options

Setting up your social popup for your Reaction Button

This option controls the social popup that is triggered in the Reaction Button after someone engages with it. You can demo this popup by engaging with this button.


1. Social Popup Overview

If you are setting up the Social Popup feature for your Reaction Button, you are in the right place. This option occurs when your audience clicks on the second call to action in your Reaction Button. Learn more about how your Reaction Button works.

2. Enable or Disable Social Sharing

By enabling social sharing your users will be able to share after they engage with your reactions. If you decide that you would like to disable social sharing, simply choose that radio button and it will not be available any longer in the button.

When the social popup is disable, you will not have to choose any other options related to sharing because social is off and they will not function.

The reason our users requested this option is because if you already have a social sharing plugin in place we found that some users do not want to use both. Therefore, you can disable and just use the button with the emojis for pure user engagement.

3. Personalize your Social Share Message

This option only applies if you have Social Popup enabled. Personalizing your share message. This is the message that appears inside the social popup as the title above the social icons. Our defaul message is “Share this Post". You can use ours or change to anything you like.

4. Preview Live

Use the preview box to view your work live as you design and create your Reaction Button. You can engage with your button in this panel same as you would on the front end. We have disabled social sharing in the backend preview.