Save and Generate Shortcode

The final step in generating your shortcode

When making shortcode, you can simply hit the “Generate Shortcode” button and copy and paste it anywhere.

We added the option for you top name your shortcode right before you generate it. This will allow you to easily find this shotrcode later if you need to edit it. Naming your shortcode is optional.

1. Naming your Shortcode

This is optional but we recommend that you name your shortcode if you plan on making a lot. This way you easily locate and mage in the shortcode editor at any time.

2. Generate Shortcode

This is the final step in making your shortcode. Simply click the Generate Shortcode  button and it will appear underneath ready to be copied and pasted anywhere you want to increase user engagement.

Your shortcode will also be saved automatically in the Shortcode Editor.

If you want to continue to edit this same shortcode simply make your changes on the same page and click generate shortcode again and it will save.

3. Your Shortcode is Ready

Simply click on the shortcode and it is copied to your clipboard ready to be pasted anywhere.

4. Exit Shortcode Generator

If you are finished, you can click here to exit the Shortcode Generator. You wil be brought back to the main shortcode landing page where you can decide what’s next.

5. Reset and make More!

If you would like to stay on this page and start over you can do so by clicking this button. All options will reset and you can make the next shortcode.