Call to Action Text Setup

Reaction Button Call to Action(s) Overview

One button with two call to actions give users more bang for the buck.  Now your audience can engage, react and share in 2 clicks. We designed the Reaction Button to enable your audience to vote with one click and share with the next.

Here’s how this feature works from a website visitor perspective. When your user see’s the button, they will engage with it. So the first call to action text will be what your audience see’s first when encountering the Reaction Button. Or use our default call to action message is “What’s your Reaction?"

Once the first button is hovered on and and emoji is clicked, that click will register the count and the button will change and become a share button loaded with a popup social overlay. It is pretty cool.

Call to Action #2 is the social share message your users to see. We urge you to try it. Here is an example of the Reaction Button. Please engage, show us your reaction to this and share. If you follow through with the clicks in this example, you will understand the Reaction Button delivers results in keeping your audience engaged for longer.


Here's how it works in your admin panel

Whether you are using Global Activation or the Shortcode Generator this article covers it.

1. Button Text #1

This will be the first message your audience will see in your button. Make sure it is good and will encourage your users to hover over it, Once they hover over the button, it is all over. They will be hooked.

2. Button Text #2

This will be the second call to action message that your audience will see after they click on an emoji, this text will appear and replace the first. This is your social sharing message and you can write anything here to encourage your audience to share. It is likely that they will and as a result you will increase social sharing on what ever page you place the Reaction Button on.

3. Preview

The preview button is always available to view your work live as you design and create your Reaction Button. Simply hover over the floating preview icon and the preview box will expand. The view you see is the actual view of how it will look on your site. Try the demo.