Reaction Button Introduction

Reaction Button at a Glance

The Reaction button is designed to keep you audience engaged for longer on your pages and posts. It looks like a regular button, but it is not.

The 2 in 1 button design allows users to engage with the button twice. First when it is hovered over and users click on the reaction of their choice to vote. Once the emoji is click, the button changes to a social sharing button where your user can engage once again by clicking the button and a social pop up overlay will occur giving your visitor the option to share your page.

The overall engagement time is usually around 15 – 20 seconds that your user will engage with your button while increasing the time on your post. We knew this was a big factor when designing the Reaction Button.

Keeping your audience engaged for longer with the Reaction Button will increase your on page session. Guaranteed! Try the button.


2 in 1 Button Design

Our unique 2 in 1 button design allows for you make two call to actions in the same button. The first CTA  is to get your user to hover on the button. This text can be anything you choose when making your button. Our default message is “What’s your Reaction?".

The second Call to action is the sharing aspect of the reaction button. Once your user engages with the first call to action, the second one will activate and the button will become a sharing button.

Create and deploy your Reaction button in seconds

We made the admin panel extremely fun and engaging to use for our users. There are tons of styling options with the ability to make your own unique button everytime.

The Reaction Button can be turned on with our Global Activation feature so you can deploy it on your pages and posts with our one click activation. Or, you can generate shortcode in seconds and paste anywhere you want to create user engagement on your pages and posts.