Reaction Button

    About the Reaction Button

    The Reaction Button was designed as a more minimal approach to user-engagement. The first thing your audience will see is just a plain everyday button. By placing in the right location and making a good call to action message your users are almost guaranteed to hover over it.

    That is all that is required in order to start engagement. The Reaction Button does all of the work for you. It hides the emojis until they are hovered on and when the user clicks on an emoji to show their reaction or to cast their vote, the button will change to a social sharing button. Once again loaded with more user engagement in the form of a social pop up.

    Here is how it works

    There are 2 ways to use our Reaction Button on your site. They are both extremely powerful and user-friendly. No coding skills are required. The first is Global Activation which deploys your emojis sitewide. The second is our Shortcode Generator which lets you make Emoji Reaction Shortcode in seconds to paste anywhere.


    Turning on the Reaction Button with Global Activation

    Deploy your button sitewide with precision. Global Activation allows you to turn on your Reaction Button with one-click activation while designing them on the fly. Use our easy to use the design wizard to make your Reaction Button exactly the way you want it with tons of emojis and features built for user engagement.

    Once your button is activated, you can go through the design wizard to choose the emoji’s you would like to pop out of your button.

    Make Reaction Button Shortcode and put anywhere

    Make Reaction Button Shortcode in seconds in our Shortcode Generator. You have full control in creating your emoji reactions one by one and pasting them anywhere you want to get a reaction from your audience.

    After you choose the Reaction Button, you are ready to choose your emojis and continue to the Shortcode Generator. When making your Reaction Button Shortcode, you will find tons of options that deliver user-engagement to your audience.

    User Reaction Cookie

    The last emoji reaction that a user clicks will store a browser cookie. When the user revisits that page or post the Reaction Button will show the last emoji active that was clicked on.

    Improving SEO with the Reaction Button

    By placing the Reaction Button anywhere within your pages and posts you are guaranteed to increase user engagement. The average user will spend a minimum of 20 seconds engaging with the Reaction Button and as a result your on-page user sessions will increase resulting in improved SEO.

    Need to test out some of the features for the Reaction Button? Click here to demo the plugin and see how it works.