User Reaction Counts Overview

User Counts Overview

The user counts located in the badges above your emojis. These counts generate when your website visitor engages with your emoji reactions. Each time an emoji clicked, the number will register in the badge above the emoji. Each user session allows 1 vote during each session. This vote can change as many times as this user wants.


How do I manage the user counts in my badges?

There are two ways to manage your user reaction counts depending on whether you are using Global Activation Reactions or Shortcode Reactions. Let’s take a closer look.

Managing user counts for Global Activation

While working within the Global Activation dashboard, you will find that there is now way to manage while customizing in the step wizard. This is because when deploying your emojis globally they all start out with the same counts on each page since it is a universal activation. They will eventually take on their own life cycle once users engage with them over time. Instead we made it so you can manage the user counts at the page level while editing. To manage these at the page and post level we created an admin panel that you will find at the bottom of your page. This admin panel is only available when your Reactions activate globally, otherwise, it will just show that it is inactive. When accessing these individual admin panels you will find the on page statistics of the each user reaction. You will have the ability to turn your reactions on and off and you can set your fake user counts.

Access your on-page options while editing

  1. In your first encounter with our admin panel you will see tooltips so you can familiarize yourself with the features. Once you dismiss the tooltips, they will not appear and bother you again unless you need them. There will be a button to trigger them in case you need.
  2. Activate and Deactivate at the page level. Simply turn this toggle on and off to turn your emojis on and off. Your emoji counts will remain while deactivated and will resume when activated.
  3. User Counts can change here and made to any number you choose. You can visit the article on this topic called “Fake Counts" to learn more. Statistical data is also shown in this panel.

Managing user reaction counts when using shortcode

To set up your user reaction counts while making shortcode is easy to do. You will find this option in the shortcode generator and you can manage your counts by changing them to any desired number you wish. Learn more about fake counts here.

At this time the only way to access your statistics from the shortcode is by retreiving it from the front end. In other words, the user counts are the same whether you access them from the front end or the back end. We are currently working on a better solution for this information to be available to you.

How your counts are displayed

Since the badges are small we designed the badges with with css so they will adapt to the font of your theme and they will resize accordingly. We also had to take into consideration the how many numbers could fit inside each badge without creating chaos. Here is how the counts are diplayed.

  1. 0 – 999 will be shown as such
  2. Counts over 1000 will be displayed as 1k, 1.1k, 1.2k and so on and so forth.
  3. Counts over 100,000 will be shown as 100k, 100.1k, etc. and all the way up to 999M

When user counts are above 1000 and rounding off to the next 100, they will be shown whn the user clicks on the reaction. The actual count will fly above the emojis and badges and fade into the air. This feature allows for higher counts to be used in the badges without creating confusion. Plus the flying animated number is extremely cool.

Engage with emoji reactions on this page to see how this works.