Manage Fake Counts

Fake counts overview

Fake counts are used in most cases to give your emoji reactions a head start in their badges. It helps give the page some credibility and shows that people have been there and have expressed their reactions already.

By overriding the actual counts with your own, it gives the impression that your content is popular. Here is an example of a fake count set at 100 million.


Setting up fake counts in Global Activation

When activating your emoji reactions sitewide with Global Activation, you will find you user counts on each page and post while editing in the on page admin panel.

You can easily set your counts to any number and it will start from that point for that page or post. You can change and manage your counts from this location as long as the Global Activation is turned on. If it is turned off, there will be no emojis on that page to manage unless it is shortcode. In which case read the next section.

Setting up fake counts in the Shortcode Generator

Since your shortcode reactions run independently of each other you can make changes to you user counts right in the admin panel while generating your shortcode. Live preview is available as shown below to see how your counts will look live.

Simply type in the desired count and it will show that way in your badges. If at anytime you decide you would like to change the counts in your shortcode, you can so by accessing the Shortcode Editor. There you will be able to edit shortcode without having to deal with any parameters.

How the user counts are displayed in the badges

When setting higher counts in your badges it will be displayed in the following format.

  1. 0-999 will show as such
  2. 1000 and above will show as 1k, 1.k, 1.2k and increase in increments 100. The actual count will be shown during the click on each emoji in the the form of a flying animation.
  3. Counts over 999k will start at 1M and go up from there.