Global Activation

    Global Activation deploys your emoji reactions on pages and posts with one-click activation. Once you turn on your reactions they are automatically deployed throughout your website with our factory settings.

    To override our factory settings and to create your own style, click the customize button to go to Step 1 of our Wizard, the emoji picker page to get started.

    Step 1 – Emoji Picker

    When choosing your reactions, simply click on your favorite choices from 1 to 6 in a row (up to 6 max). Click here to view all 200 emoji reactions.

    After you have you select your emojis and arrange them, you can navigate to the next step.

    Step 2 – Emoji Setup

    In step 2 you will have options for setting up your emojis. Simply go through these steps and make your choices. You can preview at any time by hovering over the preview icon to view your selections live.

    Note: Depending on whether you are creating Classic Reactions or the Reaction Button the options will vary but the premise is the same.

    Step 3 – Button Setup

    Set up, in this case, is for the Reaction Button. In this step, you are able to set up all aspects of the button easily with no hassle.

    Step 4 – Social Sharing

    The Social Sharing aspect of WP Reactions is a core feature that is used throughout the plugin as an optional feature. We provide the top 9 Social Media Platforms for your audience to engage with.

    Step 5 – Review and Save

    This is the final step in the wizard to review and save your changes. You can also go back and continue editing until you are satisfied or you can discard your changes and start over.

    Need to Demo our Global Activation Feature?

    We have provided you with a demo so you can test the features live as you read through our docs. Click here to demo Global Activation