Shortcode Generator Introduction

Introduction to WP Reactions Shortcode Generator

Our shortcode generator is designed for all WordPress users, no matter your skill level. Easily make shortcode with guides and choices at your fingertips. All features and optiions deliver real-timne user engagement. You will love making shortcode with our live preview so you can see your emoji reactions as you make them. Your user experience in making WP Reactions Shortcode is guaranteed to be a great one.

Classic Reactions or Reaction Button?

If you are making shortcode for the Reaction Button, simply choose that option and and you will be guided to the next step where you can choose from 100 emojis reactions. If you choose to make Classic Reactions you will be taken to that Shortcode Generator where you will some of the same and different options for that choice.

Both Classic Reactions and Reaction Button share the same core features and they are familiar with the same layout and design for your convenience. There are some differences which you will find between Classic Reactions and Button Reactions but they are both awesome in their own way and are designed for pur user engagement.

Here is a screenshot of the Shortcode Generator for Classic Reactions.

We give you full control over your Shortcode

While making your shortcode you will see that you will be able to make endless emoji and social combinations. With our shortcode editor you will easily be able to manage your shortcode in one place while editing, cloning and more.

Give it a try and generate some shortcode and place it within your content of your pages and posts. Your audience will love engaging with your reactions and will stay longer as a result.