Getting Started

    Getting Started with WP Reactions

    WP Reactions is designed for all WordPress users in mind. Our easy admin panel gives you full control of your Emoji Reactions without any coding skills required.

    The sole purpose of WP Reactions is to create user engagement on pages and posts by just activating the plugin. By doing this, each unique user will engage on your page and post for at least 10 seconds longer than they normally would. And, as a result, your SEO will improve by just turning them on.

    Introducing Classic Reactions

    Make endless emoji combinations with over 100 animated and static emojis and 9 social platforms for sharing. Put anywhere you want to get a reaction. Read more on Classic Reactions.


    Introducing the Reaction Button

    Include all of the core features of Classic Reactions plus more. The Reaction Button is loaded with options for user-engagement and increasing social sharing. Read more on the Reaction Button.


    Core Features


    The quality of the animation is the best available. We use Lottie files and SVG for our static emojis. The overall combination of CSS and Lottie animation is what makes WP Reactions provides the best user experience for your audience on pages and posts while increasing on-page user sessions


    We partnered with JoyPixels Emojis to deliver lightning-fast animations and the best experience for your audience. Our emojis are licensed and the most recognized in the world that set the standard. You can rest assure that you are getting the best quality animations and static emojis when using WP Reactions.

    Social Sharing

    Social Media is a key component of WP Reactions. We combined a social sharing element to Classic Reactions in the form of a button reveal, while the Reaction Button has a different sharing method in the form of a very powerful social popup overlay that further engages your user. Our social design options are easy to use and allow you to have full control over your social media settings.

    User Statistics

    Collect user statistics and see how your content is working or isn’t working. Your Emoji Reactions will tell the story of how your customers feel about your content, images, videos, and more. Each time your audience clicks on an emoji, it will register inside the badge over your emojis and on the backend of your pages and posts in your admin panel.

    Our admin panels and core functions are Global Activation feature which allows for you to deploy your emojis sitewide with a click of the toggle with customization of options through the roof. There is also the Shortcode Generator which brings a new meaning to the word shortcode. You will easily find that you can use your emoji Reactions in more ways you can imagine with our Shortcode Generator.

    Global Activation

    Deploy your Reaction Button or Classic Reactions sitewide with just one click then go through our step wizard to create the perfect set of emojis for your audience. Read more on Global Activation.

    Shortcode Generator

    Make Shortcode in seconds and manage it all from one location. Easily generate Shortcode and paste it anywhere you want to get a reaction. Read more on our Shortcode Generator.

    In our docs, you will find everything you need from the point of purchase to, how to install and you will quickly become an expert at all facets of our plugin. Our plugin design is based on individual option blocks that guide you through all aspects of the plugin. You will find that these options blocks are cross-used throughout our admin panels for consistency and familiarity.

    Need to test out a feature live?

    Our demo site lets you test out our product so you can see everything live for yourself. So if you get stuck in our docs, just visit our demo and try the feature that you are working on.

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