Emoji Background Setup

Emoji background styling options

This option controls the background that your emojis sit on. Whether you are making the Reaction Button or Classic Reactions, this option will be available. The default setting for this a white background with shadow.

1. Transparent Background

Choose transparent to remove background. Your emojis will look great for darker backgrounds. Since there is a border on this background, you will have to uncheck shadow option to remove if you want complete transparency.

2. Background Color

By default your background is set to white. When choosing this option you can change the background color by using our color picker or paste you color code into the input area.

You can change borders and the shape of your background in the Border Styling Option.

3. Background Color Picker

Simply click on the color picker to choose the right color for you. You can also paste your color code here for an exact color match.

4. Enable / Disable Shadow

We found that this option is best used with the transparency option.

5. Preview the backgrounds live

Using the floating preview icon will help you decide what the best background is for you. By viewing your changes live you will be able to make change your options and view them in real-time.