Call to Action Message

The Call to Action located above your emojis when using Classic Reactions

Easily write your own call to action message located above your emojis. Be creative and get your audience attention. Or, you can use our default message “What’s your Reaction".

Whether you are making your call to action for Global Activation or in the Shortcode Generator, you optiion block will look like this.

1. Hide or Show Call to Action

This option allows you to not use the call to action. We found that some users would like to use there own title above their reactions because they have more control over the font.

2. Input your Call to Action Message

If your have your CTA enabled, you will want to make  agreat message to encourage your users to engage with your reactions. Our default message “What’s your Reaction" will be used if you leave this field blank. You can type a short or long message here. Make sure that you preview your work as you as go to make sure it looks great!

3. Design and Styling Features

Your can change colors, font size and font weight here to make your message standout. Our font will adapt to your theme’s font.

Here is what our default Call to Action looks like:
What’s your Reaction?