Badge Styling Options

Setting up and Styling your Badges

Setting up your badges is easy. The option block give you the ability to show or hide your badges and change the colors. This option block only controls the how the badges look. To set your user counts inside of these badges read this article.

Here is how this looks when you are designing your badges. Remember that the preview window is available for you to see your changes live by hovering over the floating preview icon.

  1. Enable / Disable Badges. This option allows for you to hide badges. Once the badges are disabled, you will have no further need to do anything with these badges including setting up counts.We found that our users like to use the animated emojis as an illustration or talking point within the pages the shortcode generator works great for this reason.We recommend enabling badges so you can collect valuable user data. #2 applies when badges are enabled.
  2. Style your badges with our color picker and match your website colors or any color you choose. You can even paste your color code right into the input field. Preview this feature as you make changes to your badges.

The font in your badges will adapt to the font you are using in your wordpress theme.