Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard is intended to show your site emoji reaction and social sharing performance with useful graphs and tables. We have divided this section into 2 tabs. The first tab is your site reactions performance and the first gauge graphs show your siteā€™s overall accumulated reactions data per emojis.

The next 2 graphs after this section show ā€œReaction Conversionsā€ and ā€œReaction Counts Cumulativeā€. Conversion data represent overall reaction performance for date intervals. So you can choose the interval, for example, last month, and see how users reacted to your posts/pages during this time.

The last section for Reactions stats is a table that shows reaction counts per post/page. So you can see how your posts or pages are liked or disliked by users.

Note: The analytics dashboard shows statistics from global activations and does not include stats for shortcodes.

A dashboard for shortcodes will be available for the next releases.