Classic Reactions

    About Classic Reactions

    Classic Reactions is designed to create user engagement around your content on pages and posts while collecting data on how your audience is reacting to your content. Each emoji reaction is loaded with options for increasing user interaction and social sharing. Mix and match 200 of the best Lottie animated and static SVG emojis and 9 social platforms.

    Your audience will more than likely engage with your Reactions when they encounter them. By simply turning them on will increase user engagement on pages and posts for at least 15 seconds more while increasing social sharing and improving SEO.

    What’s your Reaction?

    How does it work?

    There are 2 ways to use our Emoji Reactions on your site. They are both extremely powerful and user-friendly. No coding skills are required. The first is Global Activation which deploys your emojis sitewide. The second is our Shortcode Generator which lets you make Emoji Reaction Shortcode in seconds to paste anywhere.

    Turning on Classic Reactions with Global Activation

    Deploy your Emoji Reactions sitewide with precision. Global Activation allows you to turn on your emoji reactions with one-click activation and then design them on the fly. Use the design wizard to make your reactions the way you want them with tons of emojis and features built for user engagement.

    Our easy step wizard gives you the ability to preview your work while you create. Make your changes and navigate freely while your updates will occur live on your pages and post.

    Make Classic Reactions Shortcode and put anywhere

    Make Classic Reactions Shortcode in seconds in our Shortcode Generator. You have full control in creating your emoji reactions one by one and pasting them anywhere you want to get a reaction from your audience.

    The options available in the Shortcode Generator share the same features as in Global Activation so you can make the same exact Reactions.

    Need to test out a feature live?

    Our demo site lets you test out our product so you can see everything live for yourself. So if you get stuck in our docs, just visit our demo and try the feature that you are working on.