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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide email-based support for our customers with active licenses. Our Support team of Wordpress experts understands WP Reactions Plugin inside and out. We are available to you Monday through Saturday during normal business hours EST Standard Time. All support is answered in the ordered received and all our customers receive priority support.
No. When it comes to activating your emoji reactions sitewide, you can only activate one. If you would like to have both Classic Reactions and the Reaction Button on the same page, you can activate with Global Activation and use Shortcode to show the other.
No. The maximum amount of emojis in a row is 6. You can use 1 up to 6 max. We found that 6 creates the best user experience for websites.
Yes. You can do this by placing different Shortcodes on a page or post. In addition, you can have Global Activation tuned on and add WP Reactions Shortcode to that same page. Each set of reactions will perform individually.
There are no coding skills required to use WP Reactions. We built this plugin with all Wordpress users in mind and our easy admin panels do all of the work for you.
The option to change user counts to any desired number is available at the page/post level when editing that page. User counts can be found in our admin panel.
Yes. You have the option of disabling your badges for Classic Reactions and the Reactions Button. Simply visit the article on badges to learn more.
Unfortunately, we do not offer that option. When choosing your emoji reactions, you will have the choice to make them 'Static" or "Animated". That choice will apply to each emoji that you have chosen in that group.
No. One license per site. You are certainly welcome to move your license for one to another. Simply deactivate on one site and activate it on the next.

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