WP Reactions Recap of 2021

The new Analytics dashboard with enhanced user tracking allows you to see who likes or dislikes your content and media. As a result, you can make adjustments accordingly to your users liking.

by Sara October 16, 2021

Many upgrades were done in 2021 to enhance the capabilities of WP Reactions

2021 has been a busy year for the WP Reactions team. Major additions to our plugin include 3 new layouts and a ton of features. Our goal has always been to increase user engagement, so your users will remain on your pages and posts for longer periods of time. With WP Reactions, you are practically guaranteed that if someone is reading your content or media and they see your reactions, they will engage 9 out of 10 times. Once the user clicks on the emoji reaction to show their emotion or opinion, they are immediately surprised with a social sharing option to share your page. Our social media sharing option keeps the user further engaged and is more likely to share. Overall, WP Reactions will increase a user-on-page session time by a minimum of 5 seconds. This alone increases page session times and as a result will improve the SEO of those pages and posts. That is just the mechanics. 

Analytics Upgrades

We launched a full analytics dashboard that tracks each user's emotional feedback each time they click, react, or vote. Now you can see which users are enjoying your content or disliking it. This allows you to make adjustments accordingly. Social Sharing is also tracked by users. 

New Layouts

Now you can choose from 5 layouts. Each layout is mobile responsive and shares all of the great features to engage your users better.