WP Reactions a closer look at Global Activation and how it works

When you enable WP Reactions Global Activation, all you have to do is turn on the toggle and the emojis go to work engaging your users and collecting data

by Chris Hohner November 30, 2019

Global Activation deploys your emojis site-wide easily.

The sole purpose of this plugin is to create user engagement around your content on your posts and pages. We needed to make this simple. The first key was to make it so anyone can use this plugin. So we created the Global Activation feature that is set up for just this purpose. After WP Reactions is installed users can go to the Global Activation Dashboard and turn on the toggle and our factory settings will be deployed throughout your site on every page positioned at the bottom. This is a great feature for those of you who who have hundreds, thousands and even millions of pages. One-click activation enables on all pages and posts just like that.

Now, you are probably asking yourself. What if I want to only activate on posts and not pages and vice versa? Or, what if I want to use different emojis and mix and match and change the order? Or, my social settings etc. We have you covered! I love saying that because we do. After enabling one-click- activation and your emojis are automatically deployed site-wide, you can start to select features and options to completely customize you emoji reactions. We made this aspect of the plugin a “Step Wizard” for the easy use. There are basically 5 steps that you are guided through and you can do everything you need to customize your reactions. It is extremely cool and user friendly. There is no coding involved at all.

The next questions that we got from our users is how do we access user statistics so we can see what reactions our users are clicking on? And, can we set up our own user counts? Sort of like fake counts, Shh, we won’t say anything. This feature is by popular demand from our customers. It is like making a head start for you showing the content has already been engaged with. To access these features when using global activation you will find out when editing your pages and posts. That’s right, you will find WP Reactions admin panel located at the bottom of each page and post where you can set up your own counts to any number. Page statistics are shown here as well and you can turn on and off your reactions at the page or post level. This gives you full control while you have Global Activation “on”.

Putting your emojis to work for you

When a user activates their reactions globally, all they really have to do is turn them on and the emojis go to work for you. When customizing in Global activation we made it extremely user friendly so anyone can use it. And, it’s actually fun to use. As the designer of this plugin, I have been engaged with it the whole time while testing. I still can’t get enough of these animations. The Lottie animation is like nothing available in the marketplace. The majority of users are not even familiar with this type of animation because until now it has only been used for large companies that pay top dollar for it. It is that amazing. Don’t take my word for it. Take a look at our emojis on any background and resize on a tablet or screen to see the edges. You will appreciate it knowing that you are delivering the highest quality to you your users. And, for $29 one time. Your not going to find this anywhere. The value is through the roof in WP Reactions. I made sure of it. Plus your emojis are well known JoyPixels licensed emojis so you never have to worry about not using the industry standard with us. I will highlight more about Lottie and SVG emojis in upcoming articles.

I want to cover the steps when customizing the emoji reactions for Global Activation, because the sky’s the limit when you get going. Here is how it works. After you turn on global activation, simply click on the customize now button and you will enter in the “Step Wizard”. Step one is a full selection of Animated and SVG emojis. If you would like to use our preset factory selection, just go to the next step. We designed this so you can exit wizard and save where you leave off at anytime because we know that sometimes, things just happen. It is also set up so you can navigate from the top step bar and on the bottom of the page for convenience.

The Step Wizard puts you in control of your Reactions

In step 1, you enter the “Emoji Picker”. Here you can mix and match your emojis. We made it easy loading so you will only see the SVG emojis at first and not 100 animations going off at once. So, if you hover on each emoji, you will see the animation. The maximum number emojis you can choose at one time is six and any number down to one. but no more than six. Once you select your emojis and scroll down the page, you will get to the bottom where you can arrange the order. The drag and drop feature is very cool and allows for you to setup infinite emoji combinations.

Step 2 and 3 is all about how your Reactions will look on the front end to your audience. Here you can decide whether you want Animated or Static Emojis (non animated). When you arrive at step 2 we wanted to make sure that the experience in using our plugin was just as good as the people using it in your audience, so we installed the preview pane that floats on the right side of so you can see what your reactions look like in real time. The same as your audience will see it. We love this feature and hope you do too. This step is all about how your reactions will look on the front end of your site. Positioning, emoji sizes, call to action message, badge styling are just a few!

Step 4 is where we integrated the Top 9 Desktop and Social Platforms as an option. In other words, you can enable and disable social sharing if you choose. Some people just want to collect data and understand their users better. They may also have social media sharing plugin in place most likely which makes sense and we are aware of this. Therefore, disabling is easy peasy. We don’t know why anyone want to disable this awesome feature though. The sharing aspect of this plugin is extremely current and between Classic Reactions and Button Reactions the social aspect delivers an awesome sharing solution with button reveals and popups.

NOTE: The steps will vary when enabling Classic Reactions or Button Reactions. They are different but share all of the core features.

Step 5 is to review your work one last time before you deploy the changes to your reactions throughout your site. Keep in mind that anytime you save, all changes will update universally and it will occur all at once. In this step there is not much to do except look over your final work that you will put in front of your audience and approve it by clicking save.



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That is the overall aspects of Global Activation. As we continue our development in bringing Lottie Animated Emojis and SVG’s to WordPress we will continue on implementing new Global Activation features to expand our current model to include Emojis for Woo and more. I urge anyone with any questions to engage with me about our product and tell me if you have any questions or suggestions. We are always interested in hearing from our users and potential customers.

I would also like to invite you to demo WP Reactions. There are a few ways you can do this. I wanted to show how everything works up front and in a few ways that are convenient so you can try before you buy. We know that you will love WP Reactions and what is coming up from us in the future.

Here are some links for you to try before you buy:
Demo Site: https://demo.wpreactions.com
Product Tour: https://wpreactions.com/product-tour/WP Reactions Lite Free: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-reactions-lite/

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