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WP Reactions 2022 Year in Review

2022-Year-in-Review WP Reactions

It was an exciting year for all of us at WP Reactions. Looking back we made so many excellent upgrades and full-filled feature requests by our users.  Some of these new features included 3 new layout templates, more social media options plus the emoji uploader add-on. That is just a few. The emoji uploader allows for users to upload their own emojis to WP Reactions layouts. You can use your own custom emojis in all the popular formats including Lottie Animation.

Looking Back at 2022

The year flew by. Our team was able to accomplish a great amount of new development for the Plugin this past year. We had many request and tried to deliver what was most requested to our awesome customers. The big ticket item for us though was creating our first add-on for WP Reactions. The emoji uploader is the newest edition to the WP Reactions family. Brand new mobile responsive layouts were introduced and tested. Each layout is completely flexible to customize. We also did a complete revamp on our website so our new customers and existing will have a better user experience. Overall it was a year of great accomplishments. Let’s dig into some of it.

The Emoji Uploader Add-on was Born

The uploader was a feature add-on we have been discussing for a few years now and in 2022 it became a reality. We decided to include the add-on in our PLU package so customers can purchase the add-on as a package. We didn’t want to charge a large sum either so we added $10 to the price of the starter package and the PLUS package includes the emoji uploader add-on. For pricing click here. The uploader supports Lottie Animation and the following file formats; JSON, SVG, PNG and GIF files. 


New Layouts with a Fresh Look

We are always looking for new ways to engage our users and to collect feedback in a manner that allows for a great user experience. This past year our designers were hard at work creating new layout templates. The first two are Reactions Inline 1 and Reactions Inline 2. These two layouts are completely flexible in every sense of the word. They are mobile responsive and stackable when shown on mobile devices. The social button and pop-up sharing are a key ingredient to these layouts. New sizing options allows for easy slide adjustments to make your emojis perfectly. The third layout is Bigly Reactions. It is more a viral layout that shares all of the core features of the plugin. Bigly is is very cool and it is also stackable when responding to mobile devices. You can demo these layouts here:

Inline Reactions 1

Inline Reactions 2

Bigly Reactions

Updated User Interface and Options

Emoji sizing options

We increased sizing, padding and margin option capability so there is more control. This was a direct result from the creation of the emoji uploader add-on. Since we added the ability to upload outside images, it almost became a necessity that has come to fruition. While increasing these capabilities we also redesigned the user interface by making sliding adjustments with real-time preview. 



What's in store for 2023?

Our first new release is on track

Here is what you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks and months from the WP Reactions Team. To begin we will be upgrading analytics. Export to CSV will be implemented along with a few new data points that users can track and filter. We have a few new layouts in the design room. One of them is going to focus soley on WooCommerce Product pages. This layout will engage users as a slideout, pop-up and/ or overlay. More exciting design options are in the works. Such as new badges and after click animations. 

More Social Media Sharing Options

We will be adding some new platforms in the near future along with improved pop-ups and button choices. We will also upgrade all social media analytic and insights options.

The WP Reactions Elementor Widget

In dealing with our customers needs we understand that Elementor is a large percentage of what our customers use, so we are developing the WP Reactions Elementor Widget. This should be a available in March 2023 for an amazing update.

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