Reaction Button

Make the ultimate button and put it to work for you in your blog and anywhere you want to create excitement around your content.

by Jenna S. July 6, 2020

Today we are releasing the long-awaited 'Reaction Button'. This new feature for WP Reactions is everything anyone could want in a button. It is loaded with emojis and social sharing and is guaranteed to increase user engagement on pages, posts, WooCommerce pages and more.

Our customers conveyed how much they love Facebook reactions and need a way to incorporate it into their content. We knew this need to be extremely cool and flexible, so we went to work to make it the best. We took all of the amazing features of our Reactions and added more.

The Reaction button can be activated both Globally or you can place it anywhere with our shortcode generator. The design features are familiar and easy to use to create the perfect button to match your site. Now users can choose from 200 Animated and static emojis. We added a 7th emoji, so now you can display one up to seven in a row and arrange in any order you want.

Social media is optional on the Reaction Button, but we recommend enabling this feature becuase users are more likey to share after engaging with the Reaction Button. Once a user clicks on the reaction, the button call to action will change to a share button. Once iot is clicked a popup overlay occurs and users can share on up to 9 mobile and desktop Social platforms.

Here is an example of the Reaction button. In this example, I am showing the reaction button similar to the Facebook Reaction button. Except our emojis are cooler 😉