Making Emoji Reaction Shortcode is Easy with WP Reactions Shortcode Generator

With tons of options you will be able to make infinite emoji combinations that you can put anywhere to engage your audience.

Chris Hohner Nov 30, 2019 · 5 min

WP Reactions Shortcode Generator and how it works

With our latest release of Button Reactions, you now have 2 Shortcode Generators to choose from. In this article we refer to the Shortcode generator as the “SCG”. These two SCG’s are the same with different options depending on whether you are making Button Reactions or Classic Reactions. What’s great about the SCG is that it does exactly what it says. It generates shortcode for you so all you have to do is press a few buttons and choose some cool options.

When making shortcode, you will begin with your emoji selection. This is optional if you want to use our factory selection you can skip this section. But, I am confident that you will want to make your own combinations between 1 and 6 emojis. The Emoji Picker page is fun to use and loads quickly with 100 SVG and Lottie animated emojis to choose from. For your convenience we loaded the SVG emojis first so you do not have to see 100 animations going at once. To see the animation version of the SVG, simply hover on the emoji and the animation will start so you can see. To choose the emojis just click and they will highlight. Like I said, you can choose up to 6 emojis or any number below that. Once you have your choices locked in, scroll to the bottom and arrange your emojis with our drag and drop feature that allows you to arrange in any order you choose.

Start making your Shortcode

One you have made your selection and arranged your emojis you are good to go. Click next and you are ready to generate shortcode. Everything happens on one page. Easily scroll down the page selecting options. The options that you do not decide to change our factory settings will be used. The shortcode generator is so easy that if you would like to use our factory settings which are great, all you have to do is click on the Generate Shortcode button. We know that more user friendly options and features the better. So that is exactly what I did. Whether you are generating shortcode for Button Reactions or Classic Reactions, you will be guided down the page where you can choose exactly how you want your reactions to appear.

Both Button Reactions and Classic Reactions share most of the core features, but since they are different and provide different user experiences, the options will vary. Let’s start with emoji sizes. We have 4 sizes to choose from along with both animated and static emojis. The button styling options allow for you to create any style button easily and then load it with emojis and social sharing platforms for your users to engage wand share. Some of the newer options include flying animated numbers that fly away when an emoji is clicked. This was done for a few reasons to enhance your user experience and it is great. Another recent upgrade will include an emoji reaction shortcode editor which will give you easy access to edit your shortcode and clone it. Keep an eye out for these new updates in 2020.







I urge anyone with any questions to engage with me about our product and tell me if you have any questions or suggestions. We are always interested in hearing from our users and potential customers.

I would also like to invite you to demo WP Reactions. There are a few ways you can do this. I wanted to show how everything works up front and in a few ways that are convenient so you can try before you buy. We know that you will love WP Reactions and what is coming up from us in the future.

Here are some links for you to try before you buy:
Demo Site: https://demo.wpreactions.com
Product Tour: https://wpreactions.com/product-tour/WP Reactions Lite Free: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-reactions-lite/

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