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Increasing user engagement and social sharing with emoji Reactions for WordPress

How to Engage your Audience with Emoji Reactions

This article is to help you understand the power of emojis and how they can help you with keeping your audience (users) engaged on your pages and posts for longer. First we need to understand why it is important to keep users on your pages and post for longer? The answer is Google. For those of you understand SEO, you will know that the longer you keep your users on your pages the more Google will reward you for it in page ranking. For those of you who are not SEO experts, Google algorithm will take user sessions into account when indexing your site you users are staying for up to 30 seconds longer. That’s huge! When they see user engagement happening and action being taken on your pages and post, it is a good thing and Google will reward your site for it and this will help with your ranking.

People love engaging with animated emojis

Let’s face it, people are quick to leave pages and posts unless your content is captivating, so other elements on the page to keep people engaged are becoming more available because of this reason. With the release of Facebook Reactions it proved that users wanted more out of content other than just reading it. They need a way to show how they feel about it. This is why we invented WordPress Reactions. This easy to use WordPress Plugin integrates emoji reactions right into your content. They can be placed anywhere you want to get a reaction from your users. By simply activating the emoji reactions on your website with one click will put your reactions to work for you. But with all of the cool features that we have integrated such as desktop and mobile social media sharing along with full design capabilities, I guarantee that most users will want to customize which reactions they use and more.

There is also a credibility factor here. I mean who wants to use any emojis. There is a standard in the world today and WP Reactions is a license holder of JoyPixels Emojis. JoyPixels is the World leader in Emojis and they are widely used throughout the world in all well known apps and Sass websites. We wouldn’t settle for anything less than the very best for our customers. And, please check back in 2020 for a new release where we go from 100 emojis to 1300. We are excited for this upgrade.

Let’s Recap

I would like to recap some of the points on why WP Reactions Plugin for WordPress is a fantastic solution for increasing user engagement and social sharing.

  1. People love engaging with emojis especially familiar ones
  2. Users will stay longer on your pages and posts
  3. Google will love your site for it
  4. The Highest Quality Emojis Available
  5. Lottie Animation and SVG provides for the best user experience
  6. Collect user reaction data on each page and post
  7. Top Social Media Platforms and Cool ways to share
  8. The comfort of knowing your emojis are licensed and legitimate

Now that you can get a picture of what emojis can do for your website, I would ask you to try WP Reactions. You can try it for free by visiting our demo site and you can play with it for long as you wish. We also have a product tour so you can take a closer look and of course we offer a 14 day money back guarantee. There is simply not another plugin like WP Reactions. It is packed with value that adds value to your website.

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